Below is a quick reference of our thermal underwear ranges, perfect to use as a guide for ordering, or checking which fabrics are available in each style. Please click on the product colours to go directly to the specific garment.

French Neck Vest, Long Classic Cotton 6021 White
Classic Thermal 5021 Natural
Merino Wool 2021 Cream
Built-Up Shoulder Vest Classic Cotton 6025 White
Classic Thermal 5025 Natural
Merino Wool 2025 Cream
Camisole, Ribbon Strap Classic Cotton 6026 White
Classic Thermal 5026 Natural
Merino Wool 2026 Cream
Sleeveless Spencer Vest Classic Cotton 6022 White
Classic Thermal 5022 Natural
Merino Wool 2022 Cream
Short Sleeve Spencer Vest Classic Cotton 6023 White
Classic Thermal 5023 Natural
Merino Wool 2023 Cream
Long Sleeve Spencer Vest Classic Cotton 6024 White
Classic Thermal 5024 Natural
Merino Wool 2024 Cream
Long John Classic Cotton 6028 White
Classic Thermal 5028 Natural
Merino Wool 2028 Cream
Pantee Classic Cotton 6027 White
Classic Thermal 5027 Natural
Merino Wool 2027 Cream
Full Brief Classic Cotton 6029 White
Bikini Brief Classic Cotton 6030 White
Bed Cape Classic Thermal 3332 Pink Blue
Bed Jacket No Collar Brushed Thermal 3334 Pink Blue


Fabric Swatches

Lux Lux White Fabric Swatch
Lux Lux Neutral Fabric Swatch
Lux Lux Cream Fabric Swatch
Lux Lux Pink Fabric Swatch
Lux Lux Blue Fabric Swatch

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